Author profile: Petros Petrikkos

Petros Petrikkos is a Managing and Reviews Editor at the Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN) Journal, Analyst and Project Coordinator at the Diplomatic Academy of the University of Nicosia, and Editor at Global Risk Insights. His research focuses on the transdisciplinary nature and real-world application of International Relations Theory, questions of identity and international order, cybersecurity, and international security and intelligence practices in small states and societies.

Review – Social Closure and International Society

Petros Petrikkos • Sep 19 2019 • Features
Naylor's framework analyses how state and non-state actors compete for status within international society by focusing on social division, stratification and closure.

A Spectre of Conflict: Shaping Lebanese Sectarianism and Identity Politics

Petros Petrikkos • Jul 3 2018 • Essays
Sectarianism has gone beyond religious elements, and is actually fueled by identity politics. A united identity in Lebanon is needed to ensure continuing stability.

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