Author profile: Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal

Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal graduated from Law School at the University of Ottawa in both Civil and Common law, with a previous degree in Development Studies. His current projects include the conclusion of a Master of Law degree at McGill University. His thesis is a (decolonial) inquiry into the nature of the legal relations between Persia and Europe in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. This is a first step in a larger research project questioning the underlying assumptions of Eurocentric international law, and more specifically its ‘ontologicidal’ ambivalences in its relations with the ‘periphery’ of Europe. Pierre-Alexandre is also engaging in a post-colonial and post-humanist critique of international environmental law.

Ontologicidal Violence: The Muslim Subject and International Law

Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal • Jul 1 2017 • Articles

International law is premised on a hierarchical organizing of cultures, and is therefore critically unstable because its own biases undermine its claims to universality.

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