Author profile: Po-Han Lee

Po-Han Lee is currently undertaking his PhD research at the University of Sussex. Besides engaging with research institutions, he serves as the editor-in-chief of Plain Law Movement in Taiwan as well as a contributor to Hysteria, Queerology and Queer Watch. He publishes in both Chinese and English, including most recently: ‘Beyond the Text: Global SOGI Rights Movement versus International Human Rights Law’ (2018) on Taiwan International Law Quarterly; ‘The demagogies of “Lack”: The WHO’s ambivalence to the right to health of LGBT people’ (2018) on Global Health Governance; ‘Queer activism in Taiwan: an emergent rainbow coalition from the assemblage perspective’ (2017) on the Sociological Review.


Undoing Sovereignty/Identity, Queering the ‘International’: The Politics of Law

Po-Han Lee • Oct 22 2018 • Articles

For the rights of human race in the field of IR, the ‘international’ needs to be deconstructed and reordered in a non-state centric and non-heteronormative manner.

Decolonising and Queering Praxis: The Unanswerable Questions for ‘Queer Asia’

Po-Han Lee • Aug 17 2017 • Articles

In the light of the wariness of contemporary political-cultural conjuncture, the denial of access to a liveable life has been legitimated in the name of decolonisation.

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