Author profile: Reshmi Kazi

Dr. Reshmi Kazi is an Associate Fellow at the Nuclear and Arms Control Centre of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses in New Delhi. She is also a South Asia Visiting Fellow at the Stimson Center.

India, the NSG, and the Chinese Impasse

Reshmi Kazi • Jul 20 2016 • Articles

China’s opposition to India’s admission to the NSG appears a systemic attempt at discrimination against India – a visibly responsible nuclear power.

Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty: Time for the United States to Act Responsibly

Reshmi Kazi • Jun 1 2015 • Articles

Although the US is committed to negotiating a legally binding treaty prohibiting the production of fissile material for NWs, it opposes a new verification regime.

India and the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit

Reshmi Kazi • Mar 24 2014 • Articles

India must play a crucial role in the Hague Nuclear Security Summit to assure the world its nuclear security and safety is dealt with by a responsible nation.

Extend the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program

Reshmi Kazi • Jan 23 2013 • Articles

Failure of the world’s largest nuclear weapons states to continue bilateral nuclear cooperation will send an unnerving signal to the world community and increase the global risk of nuclear terrorism.

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