Author profile: Ricardo Oliveira dos Santos

Ricardo Oliveira dos Santos is a Lecturer and Deputy Coordinator for Undergraduate Program at the Institute of International Relations, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (IRI/PUC-Rio), Brazil. He holds a PhD in International Political Economy from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he held a CNPq Scholarship (2014-2018). Ricardo was a Visiting Research Fellow at Brown University Political Science/International Relations Department (2012). He worked as an Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Political Science Department (2014-2016).

Developing Countries and UN Peacebuilding: Opportunities and Challenges

Ricardo Oliveira dos Santos • Feb 25 2019 • Articles

We must ask questions about how to reform historically rooted principles, norms, expectations, and understandings about how to achieve a sustainable peace in the international society.

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