Author profile: Rizwana Abbasi

Rizwana Abbasi received her PhD from University of Leicester, UK specializing in International Security and Nuclear Non-proliferation.  Presently she is a fellow of East West Institute, USA and Associate Professor in the Department of International relations at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. Previously Rizwana was associate professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Bahria University, Islamabad. Formerly she was placed as associate professors in the Department of International Relations at National Defense University, Islamabad. She was a Stimson Centre visiting fellow earlier. Rizwana was a post-doctoral research fellow and has been teaching at the University of Leicester. She was also a research fellow at the University of Leeds. She is a graduate of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS), Hawaii, and USA.  Her latest book is Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia: New Technologies and Challenges to Sustainable Peace (Oxford: Rutledge, 2019). She has also authored: Pakistan and the New Nuclear Taboo: Regional Deterrence and the International Arms Control Regime (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012).

New Warfare Domains and the Deterrence Theory Crisis

Rizwana Abbasi • May 13 2020 • Articles
The emergence of hybrid threats and hybrid war has altered the nature of the battlefield thereby transforming the relevance of nuclear deterrence.

Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament

Rizwana Abbasi • Aug 2 2019 • Articles
CEND could play a leading role to the comprehension of states’ rivalries and threat perceptions that compel them to achieve technological efficiency and sufficiency.

Addressing Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Challenges in South Asia

Rizwana Abbasi • Jan 6 2018 • Articles
This article highlights six challenges to the nuclear regime followed by a three-step approach to finding common ground to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan and the Nuclear Suppliers Group

Rizwana Abbasi • Jan 11 2017 • Articles
International arrangements promoting and facilitating the peaceful uses of nuclear technology demand revision in light of increased demand for nuclear energy security.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Deterrence and Strategic Stability

Rizwana Abbasi • Jun 28 2016 • Articles
India and Pakistan should exercise restraint, resume dialogue, institutionalize arms reduction mechanisms and focus on diplomacy.

Assessing the Resilience and Fragility of the Nuclear Taboo

Rizwana Abbasi • Mar 19 2016 • Articles
The NPT's clauses on non-proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear weapons require major changes if a real non proliferation regime is to emerge.

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