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Unpacking Chinese Identity, the View From Tiananmen

Robert Potter • Oct 28 2013 • Articles
Looking to Tiananmen Square, one can see a menagerie of ideas competing for the soul of China. Each of these ideas finds a constituency within the ruling Communist Party and many are ideologically irreconcilable with the other.

China and Russia: Common Themes in Counter-Terrorism

Robert Potter • May 30 2013 • Articles
Xinjiang's place within the global war on terrorism is interesting. China's narrative on the issue has fascinating similarities with the Russian narrative on the conflict in Chechnya.

Thinking Systematically about China: Anti-Access, Submarines and the Security Dilemma

Robert Potter • Mar 3 2013 • Articles
China’s navy is modernizing in a security environment that is dynamic and open to systematic exploration. The nation's modernization and expanding interests are causing feedbacks within the regional system.

Who is the Paramount Leader of China?

Robert Potter • Dec 28 2012 • Articles
As we witness the change in leadership in China, led ostensibly by Xi Jinping, new evidence is rapidly emerging which we can use to develop our understanding further.

The Importance of the Straits of Malacca

Robert Potter • Sep 7 2012 • Articles
The vast majority of China's oil imports pass through the Straits of Malacca. This creates a security issue for China as the Straits function as a strategic chokepoint through which their energy supply must pass.

Prestige and Naval Power: A Look at India and China

Robert Potter • Aug 21 2012 • Articles
In modern times the transforming of a country into a great power has traditionally coincided with the development of a powerful navy. Both India and China are progressing towards this end.

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