Author profile: Roberta Guerrina

Dr. Roberta Guerrina is Senior Lecturer in Politics, and Head of the School of Politics, at the University of Surrey, UK.

So, What Has the EU Done for Women?

Roberta Guerrina • Mar 10 2013 • Articles

Looking at how the principle of gender equality has developed in the EU provides useful insights into an approach to equality that is essentially premised on the neo-liberal paradigm.

The UK’s Approach to UNSCR 1325: Limitations of Gender Mainstreaming?

Roberta Guerrina • Oct 31 2012 • Articles

The UK’s approach to UNSCR 1325 instigated a new national debate. However, meaningful engagement with the gendered nature of state approaches to security is a long way off.

Birthing on the Front Line: A Tale of Military Femininity

Roberta Guerrina • Sep 26 2012 • Articles

When a British soldier gave birth at Camp Bastion last week it was reported with shock in the media. This story is a useful illustration of why women in the armed forces and the nature of gender roles are worthy of discussion.

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