Author profile: Ryan J. Bain

What’s Stopping Us? The Failures Behind Famine Prevention in the 21st Century

Ryan J. Bain • Mar 3 2020 • Essays
Famine classification should be based upon a combination of both quantitative and qualitative factors to improve international and local responses to the issue.

Europe’s Biggest Eurosceptics: Britain and Support for the European Union

Ryan J. Bain • Feb 3 2020 • Essays
Euroscepticism remains higher in the United Kingdom in contrast to their continental peers, as reflected in its referendum to leave the European Union.

Only Intergovernmentalism? Partisanship and Public Policy in the European Union

Ryan J. Bain • Jun 21 2019 • Essays
Contrary to popular belief, partisan politics have a notable impact in determining and shaping public policy within the European Union.

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