Author profile: Shazelina Z. Abidin

Shazelina Z. Abidin is a Foreign Service officer with the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After postings in Washington, DC, and to the UN in New York, she completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield on the Responsibility to Protect.

Student Feature – Introduction to International Governmental Organisations

Shazelina Z. Abidin • Jun 2 2017 • Student Features

An international governmental organisation (IGO) is an organisation with a membership of only states. It is usually founded upon a treaty, or a multilateral agreement.

International Organisations

Shazelina Z. Abidin • Dec 30 2016 • Articles

The growth of international organisations, particularly in the twentieth century when the concept of global governance came of age, means that nearly every aspect of life is regulated in some way at the global level.

Review – Failing to Protect: The UN and the Politicisation of Human Rights

Shazelina Z. Abidin • Aug 21 2014 • Features

Freedman’s vivid accounts of human rights violations and the failure of the UN machinery offers an emotional depth that many other books on the subject lack.

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