Author profile: Siegfried O. Wolf
Dr. Siegfried O. Wolf is a Senior Researcher at the South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, and Director of Research at South Asia Democratic Forum, a Brussels based think tank. Additionally he is a visiting fellow at the National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, affiliated researcher at the Pakistan Security Research Unit, Durham University, and a former research fellow at IPW and Centre de Sciences Humaines, New Delhi. He has worked as a consultant for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany and is member of the external expert group of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Task Force, Federal Foreign Office, Germany. He is the co-author of ‘A Political and Economic Dictionary of South Asia’ (Routledge; London 2006), co-editor of ‘Politics in South Asia. Culture, Rationality and Conceptual Flow’ (Springer: Heidelberg, 2015), ‘The Merits of Regionalisation. The Case of South Asia’ (Springer: Heidelberg, 2014) and ‘State and Foreign Policy in South Asia’ (Samskriti: New Delhi, 2010), and Deputy Editor of the ‘Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics’ (HPSACP).

Hindutva and Citizenship in India: Helping Refugees or Building Vote Banks?

Siegfried O. Wolf • Jul 25 2016 • Articles

The amendment of the citizenship act in India is expected to have fierce resistance, accusing the BJP of trying to push a Hindu-Nationalist agenda and build vote banks.

Pakistan and Terrorism: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as Critical Juncture?

Siegfried O. Wolf • May 11 2016 • Articles

There are too many indications that Pakistan’s military and civilian leaderships are still not willing to break totally with the patterns of its involvement in state terrorism.

Betwixt and Between: Bhutan‘s Royal Way to Democracy and Upcoming Challenges

Siegfried O. Wolf • Feb 24 2016 • Articles

The king must ensure more are incorporated in decision-making processes. If this fails, Bhutan will remain an exclusive business run by the elite rather than a democracy.

Ansarullah Bangla Team: A Major Threat for Bangladesh’s Democracy

Siegfried O. Wolf • Jan 30 2016 • Articles

Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh poses the most dangerous challenge to the idea of a tolerant, secular democracy in a Muslim majority country.

Kunduz – Beyond the Battleground

Siegfried O. Wolf • Oct 16 2015 • Articles

The latest military operations by the Taliban in the North of Afghanistan make obvious that the group seems not to be weakened at all, but even stronger than before.

Hurting the Host: The Rationale of the Afghan Exodus

Siegfried O. Wolf • Oct 8 2015 • Articles

Against the backdrop of the situation of the refugees trying to enter Europe, it is crucial to find the necessary steps needed to stop the exodus of Afghan people.

Parliamentary Elections in Sri Lanka: Entrenching Democratic Change

Siegfried O. Wolf • Aug 29 2015 • Articles

The time has come that politicians have to deliver good governance instead of covering misrule and autocratic political behaviour under the shadows of ethnic outbidding.

It’s Not Only about Illegal Migration & International Law: The Uighur Conundrum

Siegfried O. Wolf • Jul 21 2015 • Articles

the criticism on the deportation of the Uighur from Thailand to China shows the ambiguity international actors regarding the Uighurs’ treatment by international partners.

Rohingya Crisis and the ‘Boat People’ Conference: Towards a Regional Solution?

Siegfried O. Wolf • Jun 18 2015 • Articles

Regional governments in South East Asia need to identify the unsolved Rohingya problem as a chance for constructive cooperation instead of a roadblock for collaboration.

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