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Stephen M. Bland is a freelance journalist, award-winning author, researcher, speaker and editor specialising in post-Soviet space, Stephen M. Bland’s articles have appeared in numerous publications including Vice, The Diplomat, Motherboard and EurasiaNet. In his debut book – Does it Yurt? Travels in Central Asia or How I Came to Love the Stans – the author takes the reader on a voyage of discovery. A mix of travel, history, and reportage, the book explores the region’s rich heritage, unearthing the stories of the people and places of these fascinating lands. Four years in the making, Stephen is currently putting the finishing touches to his book about the Caucasus. He is also the Editorial Director at TEDxLambeth.

Criminals, Kleptocrats, and the NGO

Stephen M. Bland • Jul 7 2019 • Articles
Fewer organizations have polarized opinion as the Open Dialogue Foundation has, given its advocacy on behalf of oligarchs and those accused of committing crimes.

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