Author profile: Susanne Hartmann

Yemen’s Water Scarcity as a Threat to National Security

Susanne Hartmann • Apr 6 2014 • Essays
Within the past couple decades, the discourse surrounding water scarcity in Yemen has shifted; this scarcity is now seen as a contributing threat to national security.

Can Constructivism Explain the Arab Spring?

Susanne Hartmann • Jun 19 2013 • Essays
Though not without limitations, social constructivism remains one of the most useful theories in examining the Arab Spring as a response to social forces and a globalization of norms.

Is the United Nations an Effective Institution?

Susanne Hartmann • Apr 8 2013 • Essays
The UN has an anarchic and realist structure, hindering it from effective decision-making and development. It is further challenged by diverse epistemologies and competing Great Power interests.

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