Author profile: Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri

Taras Kuzio is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Centre for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Study and Professor, Department of Political Science, National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy. He is the author and editor of 21 books and think tank monographs, including Putin’s War Against Ukraine. Revolution, Nationalism, and Crime (2017), Ukraine. Democratization, Corruption and the New Russian Imperialism (2015), The Crimea. Europe’s Next Flashpoint? (2010) and Ukraine-Crimea-Russia: Triangle of Conflict (2007).


Paul D’Anieri is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the University of California, Riverside. In the fall of 2017, he was Eugene and Daymel Shklar Research Fellow in Ukrainian Studies at Harvard University. He is the author and editor of numerous books and articles on Ukrainian politics and Ukraine’s relations with Russia and the West, including Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian–Russian Relations (1999) and Understanding Ukrainian Politics (2006).

Causes and Potential Solutions to the Ukraine and Russia Conflict

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 27 2020 • Articles

A major contributor to conflict has been the West’s desire to spread democracy and Russia’s desire to prevent it.

Russia-West-Ukraine: Triangle of Competition 1991–2013

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 26 2018 • Articles

Russia’s desire to limit Ukraine’s independence and to retake control of Crimea did not emerge during the Putin era. Rather they were there from the very beginning.

Annexation and Hybrid Warfare in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 25 2018 • Articles

The conflict in Ukraine will remain difficult to solve because Russia’s goals are contradictory to Ukraine’s and the West’s norms.

Towards a New Cold War?

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 23 2018 • Articles

Russia’s position requires that the West acquiesce to a Russian ‘sphere of influence’. In the EU, sensitivities about a ‘new Yalta’ will make that hard to accept.

The Soviet Origins of Russian Hybrid Warfare

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 17 2018 • Articles

Understanding the long-term continuity underlying Russian hybrid operations is important as it shows that 2014 was not an improvised response to a temporary challenge.

The Causes and Consequences of Russia’s Actions towards Ukraine

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 16 2018 • Articles

Scholars writing about the Russia-Ukraine conflict face a choice in perspectives that is likely to lead them to being criticised no matter what they do.

Ukraine and the Russian Challenge to the European Order

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 13 2018 • Articles

Russia’s actions in 2014 were not just a response specific events such as NATO enlargement, EU policy, democracy promotion or revolution in Ukraine.

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