Author profile: Terri E. Givens

On Multiculturalism, Islam, and the Far Right

Terri E. Givens • Sep 13 2011 • Articles
The July 2011 attacks in Norway have once again brought the issues surrounding success of far right parties and movements to the fore in Europe, as well as governmental responses to immigration and immigrant integration. Although Anders Breivik attacked members of the Norwegian governing party, his “manifesto” focused on support for multiculturalism and the spread of Islam.

European Parliament Turns to the Right

Terri E. Givens • Jun 15 2009 • Articles
The dramatic success of Right parties, particularly Radical Right parties, in the recent European Parliament election indicates that voters are responding to insecurity related to the global economic crisis and immigration. European Parliament elections often act as a referendum on domestic politics, but they are also indicative of trends across Europe.

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