Author profile: Thomas Hauschildt

Gacaca Courts and Restorative Justice in Rwanda

Thomas Hauschildt • Jul 15 2012 • Essays
While Gacaca courts have served human needs by exercising retributive and restorative justice, the trials can also invoke retraumatisation and insecurity.

The Darfur Crisis: The Role of the USA and the Implications for the ICC

Thomas Hauschildt • Apr 14 2012 • Essays
The ICC's response to the Darfur crisis was insufficient due to limitations set by the UNSC, but efficiency can be increased by either reforming the framework in which the ICC and the UNSC cooperate, or by the US if it accepts the legitimacy of the ICC.

SAPs and the Build up to the Rwandan Genocide

Thomas Hauschildt • Mar 31 2012 • Essays
It is evident that SAPs worsened the economic situation of Rwanda, and they had significant effects on the wider social and political environment.

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