Author profile: Timo Kivimäki

Timo Kivimäki is Professor of International Relations at the University of Bath. Prof. Kivimäki’s books include Paradigms of Peace (London: Imperial College Press, Forthcoming), The Long Peace of East Asia (Farnham: Ashgate, 2014) and Can Peace Research Make Peace (Farnham: Ashgate, 2012). The last was shortlisted for the Best Book Prize of the Conflict Research Society.  Professor Kivimäki has been a consultant to eleven governments and to several UN and EU organizations. He was President Martti Ahtisaari’s (mediators) adviser in the Aceh peace talks, and the initiator of the West Kalimantan peace process, led by Indonesia’s Vice President.

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To Press, Or Not to Press the Button?

The foundation of British strategic security requires ideas and assumptions that we can no longer be sure of; in the long run, nuclear deterrence seems unconvincing.

Practical and Impractical Knowledge about the Conflict in Ukraine

Practical and Impractical Knowledge about the Conflict in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine suggests that our knowledge of conflicts needs to be informed by the way in which conflict behavior changes the conflict setting.

Can Legalism Avoid War in the South China Sea?

Can Legalism Avoid War in the South China Sea?

The focus of peace effort for the past decade in the region has been on a specific Code of Conduct, a set of norms that recognizes the rule of UNCLOS in the settlement of maritime territorial disputes. The more the disputes become a matter of legal norms, the less benefits could be achieved by means of dangerous military demonstrations.

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