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Regionalism in Central Asia

Tom Moylan • Jul 28 2013 • Essays

While a number of factors contribute to the failure to achieve economic regionalization in Central Asia, the overwhelming influence is the corrupt and patriarchal nature of state leadership.

Critically Assessing the Role of Islam in Authoritarian Contexts

Tom Moylan • May 18 2013 • Essays

To assert that Islam necessitates authoritarian regimes eschews the diverse experiences of Muslims, and interpretations of Islam and democracy.

Is Regionalism a Threat to Trade Liberalization?

Tom Moylan • Apr 10 2013 • Essays

Given responsible control and monitoring of regional trade agreements, regionalism can be a stepping stone, not a stumbling block, on the road to multilateral trade liberalization.

Review – History of the Peloponnesian War

Tom Moylan • Mar 14 2013 • Features

Thucydides is often cited as the father of realism in IR. This review assesses the arguments for and against his inclusion in the pantheon of International Relations scholarship.

Gender Security as a Category of International Politics

Tom Moylan • Mar 12 2013 • Essays

The gendered approach uncovers information through non-traditional sources, and can tell theorists more about a conflict or national sentiment than regular statistics and game theory.

Bashar al-Assad: A Machiavellian Prince?

Tom Moylan • Jan 27 2013 • Essays

The differences between Machiavelli and Bashar al-Assad in their approaches are stark. When compared, Bashar al-Assad cannot be considered a true Machiavellian realist.

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