Author profile: Uma Purushothaman

Uma Purushothaman is Assistant Professor at the Central University of Kerala. She studies US foreign and domestic politics, and great powers in Asia.

The Democratic Establishment Feels the Bern

Uma Purushothaman • Feb 11 2016 • Articles
Even if Clinton wins the nominations, Sanders has exposed enough chinks in her armour to make a Presidential contest tough for her to win.

The Iran Opportunity for India

Uma Purushothaman • Aug 19 2015 • Articles
The Iran nuclear deal opens up a world of opportunities of both strategic and commercial nature for India, which has civilisational links with Iran.

The Khobragade Fiasco and the State of Diplomatic Immunity

Uma Purushothaman • Feb 2 2014 • Articles
The Devyani Khobragade incident has highlighted the larger issue of diplomatic immunity, with the India-U.S. spat arising out of differing interpretations of this concept.

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