Author profile: Úrsula Oswald Spring

Úrsula Oswald Spring is Professor at the Regional Centre for Multidisciplinary Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, focusing on gender and equality. She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology with a focus on Ecology from the University of Zurich. She was the first Chair for Social Vulnerability of the United Nations University (UNU-EHS). She is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Working Group II, and of the World Social Science Report. Oswald Spring has been reviewers’ coordinator on water issues in the context of the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-5). She was Minister for Environmental Development (1994–1998) in the Mexican State of Morelos, and the first female Ecology Attorney in Mexico (1992–1994). Moreover, she was also President of the International Peace Research Association (1998–2000) and Secretary-General of the Latin American Council for Peace Research (2002–2006).

Perspectives of Global Environmental Change in the Anthropocene

Úrsula Oswald Spring • May 6 2016 • Articles
The HUGE security approach could assist in analysing the best way to reach sustainable development goals, out of which common responsibilities may offer ways forward.

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