Author profile: Vineet Thakur

Vineet Thakur teaches at Leiden University. His recent books are: Jan Smuts and the Indian Question (UKZN Press) and Postscripts on Independence (OUP).

Jan Smuts, Jawaharlal Nehru and the Legacies of Liberalism

Vineet Thakur • May 18 2018 • Articles

Placing Smuts and Nehru within the broader liberal paradigm, we come to a picture that is both global and local, contextual and textual, historical and contemporary.

Review – India’s Strategic Practice and the Return of History

Vineet Thakur • Jan 23 2012 • Features

Scholars from the South are infiltrating IR from within the discipline. To that trend, Vivekanandan’s work is a welcome addition.

Who is a South African? Interrogating Africanness and Afro-phobia

Vineet Thakur • Jul 18 2011 • Essays

The end of Apartheid created the need for a new identity in South Africa. The Post-Apartheid regime thus was always clamoring to bring South Africa back to Africa. Under this pursuit, Africanness became the defining feature of the new identity discourse in South Africa. Simultaneous to this, xenophobia against foreigner Africans emerged potently as a counter-discourse to Africanness.

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