Author profile: William J. Shelling II and Jenny H. Peterson

William J. Shelling II is a Master’s student at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia.

Jenny H. Peterson is an Associate Professor of Teaching at the Department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia. She is broadly interested in the politics of international aid with her past work analyzing process of liberal peacebuilding and critiques thereof. Finding much of this critical work homogenizing of a diverse range of processes she has recently begun exploring conceptual and empirical deviations from the liberal model. Engaging with debates on agonism, resistance, hybridity, and political space she is now exploring diversity and innovation, both local and international, in peace/justice movements. She has conducted research and led student fieldtrips in Kosovo, Sri Lanka, and Ghana. Her teaching interests include International Relations, comparative politics, humanitarian studies, and peace studies. Based in Political Science, she will also be teaching at UBC’s new Vantage College.

Student Led Advocacy and the ‘Scholars in Prison’ Project

William J. Shelling II and Jenny H. Peterson • May 4 2021 • Articles

Experimental Learning, when combined with didactic learning, can challenge and (re)form both the instructor and student understanding of what counts as knowledge and expertise.

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