Author profile: Xander Kirke

Xander Kirke is a lecturer in politics at Glasgow Caledonian University. His research is concerned primarily with the role of political myth and ontological security in regards to terrorism. He has published in International Political Sociology on how Islamist movements deploy political myths as a radicalising tool in English-language magazines. Elsewhere, he has written an introductory book on the works of Hans Blumenberg and how they may relate to politics. Twitter: @xanderkirke

Anxiety and COVID-19: The Role of Ontological Security and Myth

Xander Kirke • May 29 2020 • Articles

Myths that lift the collective morale, that does not necessarily ‘other’, but instead strengthens bonds, may be positive and necessary in these challenging times.

Violent Jihadist Magazines: Exploiting a Human Need for Significance

Xander Kirke • Dec 12 2015 • Articles

It is important to bring the human side of radicalisation to the fore and to tailor any attempts at counter-radicalisation to the specific needs, passions, interest, and desires, of individuals.

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