Author profile: Xavier Mathieu

Xavier Mathieu is a PhD student in the Department of Politics, University of Sheffield. His thesis explores the normative character of the concept of sovereignty and its link to Western civilisation through a historical study of French early colonialism in Canada. His research is concerned with the concept of sovereignty, hierarchy and ‘other-ness’ at the international level, intervention and state-building as well as performativity as a theoretical tool for the study of international politics. He recently published (with Nicolas Lemay-Hébert) an article exploring the OECD’s discourse on ‘fragile’ states.

Review – On Sovereignty and Other Political Delusions

Xavier Mathieu • Dec 24 2014 • Features

Despite some limitations, Cocks’ volume captivatingly engages with the concept of sovereignty and its practical and historical realities.

Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Obsolescence of War

Xavier Mathieu • Apr 23 2010 • Essays

One of the last major books about war in international relations is paradoxically a book forecasting the end of the object it analyses. Retreat from Doomsday: the Obsolescence of Major War by John Mueller was released in 1989 and has become a classic reading making the author one of the most influential authors on the topic of war.

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