Author profile: Zaara Zain Hussain

The Reality of US-UN Relations

Zaara Zain Hussain • Mar 19 2011 • Essays

Great powers rarely make great multilateralists. The United Nations owes a lot of what it is today to the United States. It was the US that breathed life into the UN with its power and resources. Despite being one of the biggest advocates for the UN, why has the US been ambivalent towards it?

The effect of domestic politics on foreign policy decision making

Zaara Zain Hussain • Feb 7 2011 • Essays

Foreign Policies are designed with the aim of achieving complex domestic and international agendas. It usually involves an elaborate series of steps, in which domestic politics plays an important role. Additionally, the head of the government in most cases is not an individual actor. Foreign Policy decisions are usually collective and/or influenced by others in the political system.

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