Entropy Versus Thought Traditions: IR Theory Isn’t Dead Yet

Robert L. Oprisko • Jun 16 2014 • Articles
Despite evidence to the contrary, IR Theory is enjoying a renaissance in novel and dynamic ideas that will keep theorists entertained and debating for years to come.

War from a Distance: The Ethics of Killer Robots

Mark Coeckelbergh • Jun 16 2014 • Articles
Using robots for targeted killing raises the question if this practice counts as “war". Deciding about killer robots means deciding about the future of war and killing.

Australia Should Pursue Ambitious Climate Change Mitigation Policies

Alexander Nauels • Jun 15 2014 • Articles
A successful transformation of the energy system will ultimately depend on a political agenda that comprises a plurality of efficient climate policy instruments.

Getting Away With It: How Governments Sew Up Foreign Policies in Advance

Peter Harris • Jun 13 2014 • Articles
All foreign policies are stitched together in order to appease the greatest number of potential stakeholders while limiting the number of potential opponents.

The Tale of a ‘Realism’ in International Relations

Hartmut Behr and Xander Kirke • Jun 13 2014 • Articles
The tale of a contiguous Realist tradition, running the gamut from Thucydides to Morgenthau, occludes these thinkers' strong normative commitments.

New Atheism and the Politicization of Disbelief

Marcus Schulzke • Jun 10 2014 • Articles
New atheism is an important phenomenon for the study of international relations. It represents an unprecedented effort to challenge the political influence of religion.

Man-Up Mr Snowden! Masculinities and National Security

Klaus Dodds • Jun 8 2014 • Articles
Ever since news broke that Edward Snowden was the National Security Agency ‘leaker’ and fugitive, discussion has raged about his masculinity, including his sexuality.

The New Turkey: A Rival to the West in the Near East?

Kubilay Yado Arin • Jun 5 2014 • Articles
Recent moves by Turkey’s ruling party, the AKP, have led experts to question whether the new Turkish foreign policy leads to a challenge to US interests in the Near East.

Approaching 2015: How to Assess Erdoğan’s Statement on the Armenian Genocide?

Taner Akcam • Jun 4 2014 • Articles
Prime Minister Erdoğan's statement on the Armenian Genocide elevated previous utterances made by government officials to the level of Turkey's official position.

UN Peacekeeping in Darfur: A ‘Quagmire’ That We Cannot Accept

James Sloan • Jun 3 2014 • Articles
The Security Council must move away from its policy of militarized peacekeeping in favour of doing something that may actually work in alleviating human suffering.

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