Interview – Gabriel Passetti

E-International Relations • Jan 11 2021 • Features

Gabriel Passetti highlights the historic role of the British Empire in Latin America and New Zealand, and inter-American relations from the 19th century to the present day.

Interview – Rubens Ricupero

E-International Relations • Dec 20 2020 • Features

Former Minister and Secretary General of UNCTAD, Rubens Ricupero, discusses Brazilian foreign policy and diplomacy, today’s environmental agenda, and the Real Plan.

Interview – Edythe E. Weeks

E-International Relations • Dec 15 2020 • Features

Edythe Weeks discusses development and competition in outer space and the polar regions, cybersecurity, and misconceptions around the Cold War space race.

Interview – Till Mostowlansky

E-International Relations • Dec 6 2020 • Features

Anthropologist Till Mostowlansky talks to us about his work in the borderlands of Central Asia and how globalisation, borders, and infrastructure impact peoples’ lives.

Interview – Tim Gill

E-International Relations • Dec 1 2020 • Features

Tim Gill discusses the economic and political crisis in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez’s legacy and the impact of US foreign policy and geopolitical rivalries.

Interview – Chheang Vannarith

E-International Relations • Nov 24 2020 • Features

Chheang Vannarith talks about economic and political developments in the Mekong region, China’s role, and minilateralism in Southeast Asia.

Interview – Luke de Noronha

E-International Relations • Nov 18 2020 • Features

Luke de Noronha discusses his new book, UK immigration control and race, his fieldwork on post-deportation life in Jamaica and his podcast ‘Deportation Discs’.

Interview – Jeremy Pressman

E-International Relations • Nov 13 2020 • Features

Jeremy Pressman discusses protest in the US and the impact of the pandemic, the counterproductive use of military force in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Abraham Accords.

Interview – Kei Koga

E-International Relations • Nov 9 2020 • Features

Kei Koga talks about ASEAN’s role in East Asian security, Japan’s foreign policy, Shinzo Abe’s legacy, plus the impact of Covid-19.

Interview – Sean Fleming

E-International Relations • Nov 1 2020 • Features

Sean Fleming explores theories of state responsibility, particular Hobbes’ theory, and their influence on modern politics such as new technological issues.

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