Interview – Akezhan Kazhegeldin

E-International Relations • Jan 12 2022 • Features

Stephen M. Bland interviews Akezhan Kazhegeldin, the second Prime Minister of Kazakhstan (1994–1997), who now lives in exile and campaigns for democracy and human rights in Kazakhstan.

Interview – Anne Phillips

E-International Relations • Jan 7 2022 • Features

Anne Phillips reflects on the interactions between Western feminist movements and those in the Global South, the notion of equality as applied to immigrants, and multiculturalism amidst today’s globalised world.

Interview – Julia Leser

E-International Relations • Dec 19 2021 • Features

Julia Leser discusses the concept of affect in knowledge production in politics, the ethnography of states, and how ‘wolf politics’ can help explain the re-emergence of the far right in Eastern Germany.

Interview – Georgi Engelbrecht

E-International Relations • Dec 15 2021 • Features

Georgi Engelbrecht talks about his role as a Senior Analyst for International Crisis Group, the Bansamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, next year’s elections in the Philippines and conflict in Southeast Asia.

Interview – Ivy Kwek

E-International Relations • Dec 8 2021 • Features

Ivy Kwek discusses her research on major policy debates in Malaysia, her work with the Malaysian Ministry of Defence, and how Malaysia’s foreign policy can promote greater integration within ASEAN.

Interview – Christopher Layne

E-International Relations • Dec 3 2021 • Features

Christopher Layne sheds light on the US-China relationship, potential conflicts and escalations, and President Biden’s commitment to renewing democracy abroad.

Interview – Tom Fletcher

E-International Relations • Nov 29 2021 • Features

Tom Fletcher discusses his diplomatic career, British foreign policy, state-building, and how political polarisation, technology and the pandemic challenge and alter diplomacy.

Interview – Ties Dams

E-International Relations • Nov 25 2021 • Features

Ties Dams talks about the geopolitical narratives of China and the EU, disinformation, and the EU’s relations with the Biden administration.

Interview – Sankaran Krishna

E-International Relations • Nov 22 2021 • Features

Sankaran Krishna discusses decolonising the university, post- and decolonial approaches to research, democracy in India, and cricket.

Interview – Shivshankar Menon

E-International Relations • Nov 18 2021 • Features

Shivshankar Menon talks about Sino-Indian relations, Indian foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and national boundaries in South Asia.

Interview – Jan Lüdert

E-International Relations • Nov 15 2021 • Features

Jan Lüdert discusses normative practices of appropriateness, challenges to state sovereignty, decision-making in the United Nations, and pedagogies in international relations.

Interview – Caroline de Gruyter

E-International Relations • Nov 11 2021 • Features

Caroline de Gruyter talks about the relationship between Europe and the Hapsburg Empire, the EU’s role in contemporary international politics, and the image of the EU in the media today.

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