Opinion – Thinking about Heroes and Humanity During COVID-19

Murat Akan • May 24 2020 • Articles

Even the ones among us whom we would consider the freest because they leave in the free parts of the world are dominated.

Interview – Sara Salem

E-International Relations • Jun 24 2019 • Features

Sara Salem explores postcolonial, Marxist and feminist theory, the Egyptian feminist movement, transnational solidarity and the radical roots of intersectionality.

From Standing Rock to Resistance in Context: Towards Anarchism against Settler Colonialism

Adam Lewis • Feb 1 2017 • Articles

Anarchists need to engage with Indigenous peoples and communities who are already resisting capitalism, colonialism and the state in their areas.

Interview – Liza Featherstone

E-International Relations • Jan 8 2017 • Features

Liza Featherstone explains why she identifies as a socialist feminist, discusses the importance of student activism, and provides some advice for aspiring journalists.

Review – Scandalous Economics: Gender and the Politics of Financial Crises

Randall Germain • Sep 13 2016 • Features

A rich and illuminating volume which adds another dimension to the theme of how the contemporary organization of global finance entrenches and solidifies inequality.

Review – Marx’s Concept of The Alternative to Capitalism

Leslie Sklair • Jan 13 2016 • Features

An unusually clear and fertile book which demonstrates that, contrary to popular and scholarly opinion, Marx did have a coherent concept of the postcapitalist future.

Review – Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt

Elizabeth Austin • Nov 12 2015 • Features

Although this title makes some valid points to support its hypothesis regarding corporate capitalism, ultimately a clear and substantial vision of revolution is lacking.

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