Barack Obama

Review – Stamped from the Beginning

Cliff (Ubba) Kodero • Apr 3 2020 • Features

Ibram X. Kendi’s book is a thought-provoking account of America’s racial history and its impact on people of colour, providing a theorization of global anti-blackness.

Review – The Empty Throne: America’s Abdication of Global Leadership

Scott Lucas • Sep 10 2019 • Features

Daalder and Lindsay’s book critiques the loss of US leadership under Trump but fails to break new ground or present a clear account of what leadership is or should be.

Interview – Tom Watts

E-International Relations • Jun 6 2019 • Features

Tom Watts discusses his research on security cooperation as an instrument of remote warfare, Obama’s counterterrorism policies and life as an early-career scholar.

Interview – Gustav Meibauer

E-International Relations • Apr 23 2019 • Features

Postdoctoral Fellow, Gustav Meibauer, discusses the effectiveness of ‘hybrid tools’ of foreign policy, neoclassical realism, diversity within IR and teaching innovations.

Review – Becoming

Dipti Tamang • Mar 8 2019 • Features

Obama’s account of her personal struggles growing up and as First Lady brings relevant questions of race and gender in US and international politics to the fore.

Review – America Abroad

Richard W. Coughlin • Aug 23 2018 • Features

Brooks and Wohlforth’s book is a defense of deep engagement as a means to maintain a US-led international order but neglects the impact of domestic political issues.

Interview – William Schabas

E-International Relations • Dec 19 2017 • Features

Prof. William Schabas discusses his new book project, the ICC’s jurisdiction, its relationship with the United States and enthusiasm for international criminal justice.

Obama’s Bulwark against Torture: Will It Stop Trump?

Steven J. Barela • Mar 15 2017 • Articles

The Obama administration’s two-pronged approach of closing legal gaps and studying effective means of interrogation, in fact, helps illuminate the moral point at stake.

Reagan, Obama, and Israel: Historical Context, Uncomfortable Comparisons

Jonathan Sciarcon • Jan 19 2017 • Articles

Obama has treaded more lightly with Israel than Reagan and Bush. It is useful to compare recent events to periods of tension from 1981-1982 during Regan’s presidency.

Donald Trump, the Middle East, and American Foreign Policy

Diego Pagliarulo • Jan 3 2017 • Articles

As they take office, the new US president, Donald Trump, and his national security staff should remember the key lessons learned in the Middle East by their predecessors.

The Legacy of the Obama Administration

Glen Segell • Oct 30 2016 • Articles

During Obama’s tenure America’s global leadership has declined to its lowest ebb leaving some allies to wonder how much they can rely on the US.

The Middle East, Obama, and America’s Quest for a New Grand Strategy

Diego Pagliarulo • Oct 9 2016 • Articles

As the policy record – especially the Iran deal – shows, Obama’s approach can bring positive, even game changing, results at a relatively small cost.

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