Hatred and Fear: Bolsonaro and the Return of Irrational Politics

Rafael R. Ioris and Andre Pagliarini • Jul 29 2019 • Articles
Brazil is yet another case of liberal politics deteriorating into the fetid morass of hatred, fear, baseless accusations and prosecutions against those seen as enemies.

Interview – Raúl Salgado

E-International Relations • May 2 2019 • Features
Raúl Salgado talks to us about geopolitics and regionalism in Latin America, the role of small states in regional integration, UNASUR, and Brazil's role within BRICS.

Trump and Bolsonaro: Much Ado About Nothing?

Rafael R. Ioris • Apr 18 2019 • Articles
If Trump and Bolsonaro were to collaborate further, it may be on the basis of an environmentally destructive, elitist agenda – a missed opportunity for both to work together for the benefit of all.

Interview – Octavio Amorim Neto

E-International Relations • Mar 28 2019 • Features
Professor Octavio Amorim Neto talks to us about Brazil's foreign policy, the Bolsonaro presidency and the constitutional developments of Portuguese-speaking countries.

Interview – Christoph Harig

E-International Relations • Mar 14 2019 • Features
Christoph Harig discusses Brazil's civil-military relations and its participation in MINUSTAH, his expectations for the Bolsonaro administration and trust in politicians.

The 2018 Elections and the Uncertain Future of Brazilian Democracy

Roberto Goulart Menezes • Dec 11 2018 • Articles
The shadow that hovers over Brazilian democracy today will mobilize many people within and beyond Brazil to challenge and contain Bolsonaro’s authoritarian temptations.

Brazil and the United States: Will President Bolsonaro Bandwagon?

Matias Spektor and Guilherme Fasolin • Nov 15 2018 • Articles
It is not unconceivable that Bolsonaro will soon find himself in a position of needing all the help he can get – including that which may come from the United States.

Brazilian Foreign Policy under President Bolsonaro: What Should We Expect?

Paulo Afonso Velasco Junior • Nov 14 2018 • Articles
Brazil is seemingly seeking a greater international presence with Bolsonaro, probably reviewing many of the guidelines that prevailed in the 2000s.

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