Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the Margins of EU-rope: Colonial Violence at the Bosnian-Croatian Frontier

Benedetta Zocchi • Jun 30 2021 • Articles

Conventional practices of EU bordering can be questioned as being directly connected with the colonial codification of difference between worthy and unworthy peoples.

Tears and Laughter: Affective Failure and Mis/recognition in Feminist IR Research

Lydia C. Cole • Apr 9 2020 • Articles

No one knows how or to what extent affect and failure will enter your research. So it may be reassuring to know that affect failure is not a failure of research practice.

What Might Have Been Lost: Fieldwork and the Challenges of Translation

Renata Summa • Apr 5 2020 • Articles

The only stories that are possible to be told are the translations of ours or our interlocutors’ experiences located in particular places and in particular times.

Review – After Ethnic Conflict

Siddharth Tripathi • Aug 18 2016 • Features

An insightful account of persisting ethnic divisions in the power-sharing institutions and broader post-conflict political context of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia.

The Permanent Interim: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ongoing Educational Crisis

Valery Perry • Oct 12 2014 • Articles

The continuation of “us” vs. “them” policies that marginalize minorities cannot bode well for a fragile country’s future. Education should be seen as a security issue.

Citizenship in the Post-Yugoslav States: States, Nations, Rights

Jelena Dzankic • Sep 20 2014 • Articles

In the post-Yugoslav laboratory, different aspects of the regulation of membership have been adapted to strengthen the rule of an ethnic community or political faction.

EU Conditionality: An Effective Means for Policy Reform?

Elyse Wakelin • Nov 1 2013 • Articles

The cases of Latvia and Bosnia & Herzegovina demonstrate that the effectiveness of the EU External Incentives Model has dramatically reduced since the enlargements of 2004 and 2007.

Review – Citizenship after Yugoslavia

Nenad Rava • Jun 25 2013 • Features

The demise of Yugoslavia gave rise to the creation of new nation-states, whose emerging ‘citizenship regimes’ are analysed in this collection to ascertain their origins and shortcomings.

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