Analyzing Jair Bolsonaro’s COVID-19 War Metaphors

Bolsonaro’s militaristic rhetoric construing the notion that the COVID-19 threat is external gives rise to a false sense of stability and internal security.

Between Political Crisis and COVID-19: Bolsonaro’s Foreign Policy

Whilst the pandemic spreads, Bolsonaro’s government has been unable to fulfill the need for domestic and external resources to fight the disease.

Bolsonaro’s Brazil in Times of COVID-19: A Necropolitical Pharmakon

Manuela da Rosa Jorge • May 19 2020 • Articles
Once seen by millions as the remedy for Brazil’s “disease”, Jair Bolsonaro is turning into the poison many feared he would become.

Socio-economic Impacts and Counter-cyclical Policies to Face Coronavirus in Brazil

Thauan Santos • Apr 11 2020 • Articles
Measures to deal with COVID-19 on the Brazilian economy must consider the asymmetric impacts of this unprecedented humanitarian crisis on society, as well as environmental and climate aspects.

Interview – Rafael Bittencourt

E-International Relations • Mar 27 2020 • Features
Rafael Bittencourt explains the concept of buen vivir, its influence on policy-making in Bolivia and Ecuador, and assesses the recent upheavals in Chile and Ecuador.

Interview – John M. Kirk

E-International Relations • Feb 26 2020 • Features
John M. Kirk discusses the new constitution in Cuba, the country's shifting relationships in the region, US-Cuban relations, and the alleged 'sonic attacks' on diplomats.

Perspectives on the Newly Elected Fernández’s Foreign Policy

Janina Onuki and Tamiris Burin • Jan 25 2020 • Articles
Following the October 2019 Argentine election, changes within the government may lead to changes in foreign policy towards Brazil, the IMF, Mercosur, the EU and China.

The Myth of Multipolarity and Overexpansion of Rising Powers: The Case of Brazil

Luis L. Schenoni • Nov 11 2019 • Articles
Brazil over-expanded considerably in the first decades of the 21st century in a process that was fuelled by domestic interest groups as well as a myth of multipolarity.

The Dumb Giant: Brazilian Foreign Policy under Jair Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro has been in office for more than nine months without an objective government platform and no coalition. Its political capital is the result of its own image.

Latin America and China: Reflections on the 70th Anniversary of the PRC

Maurício Santoro • Oct 9 2019 • Articles
In the last 20 years, China became a major economic partner in Latin America, but its increased presence also provokes nationalistic reactions in countries like Brazil.

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