The Myth of Multipolarity and Overexpansion of Rising Powers: The Case of Brazil

Luis L. Schenoni • Nov 11 2019 • Articles

Brazil over-expanded considerably in the first decades of the 21st century in a process that was fuelled by domestic interest groups as well as a myth of multipolarity.

Adding ‘T’ to BRICS: A NATO Ally in Transition

Arslan Ayan • Jul 9 2019 • Articles

Turkey’s increasing aspiration to become a member of the BRICS grouping holds economic, political, and ontological benefits for it, but will a “T” be added to BRICS soon?

Interview – Raúl Salgado

E-International Relations • May 2 2019 • Features

Raúl Salgado talks to us about geopolitics and regionalism in Latin America, the role of small states in regional integration, UNASUR, and Brazil’s role within BRICS.

Review – Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis

William K. Carroll • Nov 22 2018 • Features

A major contribution to social science that synthesises insights from several separate yet complementary perspectives within the wide compass of historical materialism.

Review – Multipolar Globalization: Emerging Economies and Development

Sérgio Costa • Sep 19 2018 • Features

This book presents a clear and convincing argument for the shift from a Western centered globalization to a multipolar one and also considers multicentric perspectives.

Closing the Second Cycle in BRICS: A Surprise or Business as Usual?

Victoria V. Panova • Jun 6 2018 • Articles

BRICS has by now turned into a brand. This brand imposes responsibility on its members to respond to global challenges and serves the interests of the global community.

The Domestic Nightmare and the Unfulfilled Global Dreams of Brazil

Francine Rossone de Paula • May 11 2018 • Articles

In the name of the dream of global relevance in the future, Brazilian leaders often ends up forgetting to rule in the name of people’s well-being in the present.

Arrested Development: Brazil in a World in Crisis (2008-2018)

Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama • May 11 2018 • Articles

Caught in the transition between competitive scarcity and competitive abundance the status of Brazil as an emerging power was left hanging in the balance.

Review – Global Governance and Transnationalizing Capitalist Hegemony

Ray Kiely • Jan 29 2018 • Features

Taylor’s convincing new book provides a sceptical account of the rise of emerging powers and demonstrates how they are unlikely to challenge the neoliberal world order.

Strategic Narratives of the BRICS: A Visual Analysis

Carolijn van Noort • Nov 9 2017 • Articles

The formation of strategic narratives empowers the BRICS group in the battle of narratives to give meaning to the international order in a complex global media landscape.

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