Review – The Value of Everything

Brianna Nicole Hernandez • May 14 2020 • Features
With an eclectic view on the economy, Mazzucato constructs a complex configuration of value creation beyond the tangible.

Interview – Adam Fabry

E-International Relations • Apr 16 2020 • Features
Adam Fabry talks about his book and research on Hungary, including economic and political changes, the origins of the far-right and alternative forms of resistance.

Review – Capital et idéologie

Torbjørn L. Knutsen • Jan 16 2020 • Features
An impressive tome that seeks to explain the legitimizing ideologies which are used to justify the unequal distribution of wealth and income both historically and today.

Reinforcing Environmental Degradation With Market-Based Sustainability Schemes

Angela Licata • Dec 31 2019 • Articles
In order to change the capitalist culture that causes mass consumerism, we need environmental initiatives that do not reinforce the problematic consumer culture.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Marxism, Migrants and Borders

Maïa Pal • Jun 24 2019 • Student Features
Marxist IR theory challenges the notion of borders by focusing on the injustices capitalism creates.

Interview – Sara Salem

E-International Relations • Jun 24 2019 • Features
Sara Salem explores postcolonial, Marxist and feminist theory, the Egyptian feminist movement, transnational solidarity and the radical roots of intersectionality.

J’accuse! The Case for Traditional Capitalism

Patricia J. Sohn • Feb 9 2019 • Articles
Traditionalism helps to avoid the pitfalls of Old World orthodoxy and New World secularism, which model the world on either a rosy interpretation of paradise or accept it as living hell.

The Future of Popular Geopolitics: Zombie Evolution and the Return to the Social

Shannon Brincat and Roxanne Chaitowitz • Oct 4 2018 • Articles
The zombie performs a radical function in our thinking by exposing – albeit hyperbolically – the very real limits of contemporary capitalism.

Interview – Nicole Aschoff

E-International Relations • May 9 2018 • Features
Nicole Aschoff discusses the limitations of Oprah Winfrey’s progressive ideas, the prospects for today’s anti-capitalist left in the US, and the rise of Jacobin magazine.

Interview – Ida Danewid

E-International Relations • Mar 13 2018 • Features
Ida Danewid discusses internationalism and the politics of solidarity, the 'Black Mediterranean', the Grenfell Tower fire, and diversifying and decolonising the academy.

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