Legitimacy and Nationalism: China’s Motivations and the Dangers of Assumptions

Lewis Eves • Jan 13 2022 • Articles

Western foreign policies are, by way of the security paradox, generating the assertive China that western policy was intended to mitigate.

‘My Order, My Rules’: China and the American Rules-Based Order in Historical Perspective

William M. Zolinger Fujii • Dec 28 2021 • Articles

Faced with a rising and revisionist China, the US has come to emphasise the maintenance of a rules-based order as a substitute for what it sees as American rules and order.

Student Mobility and Its Relevance to International Relations Theory

Nancy Snow • Dec 5 2021 • Articles

State centric power politics and regional hegemony will likely continue to drive student mobility growth and influence.

Interview – Christopher Layne

E-International Relations • Dec 3 2021 • Features

Christopher Layne sheds light on the US-China relationship, potential conflicts and escalations, and President Biden’s commitment to renewing democracy abroad.

Interview – Ties Dams

E-International Relations • Nov 25 2021 • Features

Ties Dams talks about the geopolitical narratives of China and the EU, disinformation, and the EU’s relations with the Biden administration.

Interview – Shivshankar Menon

E-International Relations • Nov 18 2021 • Features

Shivshankar Menon talks about Sino-Indian relations, Indian foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and national boundaries in South Asia.

Opinion – The Long History of the Olympic Industry and Totalitarian Regimes

Mac Ross and Helen Jefferson Lenskyj • Nov 12 2021 • Articles

The Olympic ideal of peaceful internationalism has always belonged in the realm of mythology. This ideal is dead and buried beneath the capitalist excesses of the IOC.

Opinion – The Status of China’s Confucius Institutes in American Universities

Craig Myers • Oct 27 2021 • Articles

Regardless of the context, the PRC’s PR professionals did not need an office on American campuses as Great Power competition moves beyond the soft power stage.

Opinion – China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Pragmatism over Morals?

Tabita Rosendal • Oct 18 2021 • Articles

Despite criticism, the Belt and Road Initiative and the pragmatic values associated with Chinese investments are unlikely to lose popularity any time soon.

Opinion – Taiwan’s Almighty Squeeze

Martin Duffy • Oct 14 2021 • Articles

The resounding re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen in 2020 reflects a steely determination on the part of the Taiwanese to resist the ‘almighty squeeze’ China is seeking to impose on them.

Interview – Benjamin Barton

E-International Relations • Oct 3 2021 • Features

Benjamin Barton talks about China’s Belt and Road and Maritime Silk Road Initiatives, as well as China’s relations with India and the EU.

Explaining Bipartisan Support for the US Innovation and Competition Act

Benjamin Smith • Sep 17 2021 • Articles

The ICA received bipartisan support due to both parties perceiving China’s authoritarianism similarly. Yet, partisanship remained active throughout negotiations.

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