Opinion – Emerging Elements of a New US-China Cold War

Ragul Palanisami • Sep 20 2020 • Articles

While the old Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union was sustained by ideology, the conflict between the US and China will be maintained by economic nationalism.

Opinion – The Sino-Iran 25 Years Agreement: Why, and Why Now?

Roie Yellinek • Sep 14 2020 • Articles

An agreement would not only enable Iran to avoid sanctions, but also to pose a serious challenge to US presence in the Middle East.

Opinion – The Chinese ‘New Left’ as Statist Apologists

Chris Man-kong Li • Sep 9 2020 • Articles

Chinese New Left intellectuals downplay or ignore the loss of personal freedom and political liberties which could serve to whitewash both past and present state oppression and justify authoritarianism.

Re-Worlding China: Notorious Tianxia, Critical Relationality

Chih-yu Shih • Sep 2 2020 • Articles

China’s compliance as gift-giving is testing how ready the Western IR is to deny an intensively mutually constituted China as sheer stranger.

Opinion — Nigeria-China Relations: Sovereignty and Debt-Trap Diplomacy

Samuel Akpobome Orovwuje • Aug 24 2020 • Articles

The existential relations between Nigeria and China have been driven largely by an infrastructure-led investment strategy rooted in Nigeria’s development agenda.

Return to Nationality: The Sustainable Way to Gain International Recognition

Ce Liang and Andrew X. Li • Aug 20 2020 • Articles

If a rising power truly cares about its international stand and reputation, the optimal status seeking strategy in the long run is to invest in the overall well-being of its people.

Opinion – US-China Rivalry: Moving Closer to the Brink

William Briggs • Aug 16 2020 • Articles

We see a capitalist titan upon which the sun is setting and another whose moment appears to be at hand. To imagine that the US will allow a changing of the guard is ludicrous.

Why the West Needs to Stop its Moralising against China

Kerry Brown • Aug 10 2020 • Articles

Knowledge, humility, and honesty will be the things that help the outside world deal with the historic challenge of China’s rise.

Opinion – Making Sense of China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomacy

Ragul Palanisami • Aug 10 2020 • Articles

A new brand of Chinese diplomat is emerging. Unlike the older generation these so-called ‘wolf warriors’ are known for their aggressive, proactive and high-profile tactics.

Asian Security amid China’s Dominance

Rameez Raja and Zahoor Ahmad Dar • Aug 9 2020 • Articles

The American century is coming to its end and China is ready to dominate the Asian Hemisphere. Yet, China’s labelling as a threat to world peace and security is contested.

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