The State of China’s Soft Power in 2020

Daniele Carminati • Jul 3 2020 • Articles
China’s culture still has limited appeal, but as long as it is supported by economic assets and growth, its soft power is bound to attract.

COVID-19 Speeds the Race for 5G

William Fisher • Jun 29 2020 • Articles
Public policy that relies on pitting US competitors against their Chinese counterparts misses the point, which is to hasten the necessary proliferation of 5G.

Sino-Taiwan Chequebook Diplomacy in the Pacific

Saber Salem • Jun 22 2020 • Articles
As the Sino-Taiwan aid competition in the Pacific intensifies, Beijing hopes that Taipei will give up its secessionist drive under immense diplomatic pressure.

Opinion – Xi Jinping’s People-Oriented Narrative

Flavia Lucenti • Jun 14 2020 • Articles
Without the possibility to independently think and freely express, that allows us to question the reality around us, there are no ideas and there is no creativity.

Opinion – China’s e-Renminbi as a Fiscal Silk Road?

Eerishika Pankaj • Jun 11 2020 • Articles
Digital currency combines monetary, technological and economic factors with politics. China's active participation in this realm indicates its importance and also marks it as the next competitive arena.

How Do States Behave? A Comparative Analysis between China and Argentina

Federico Verly • Jun 9 2020 • Articles
Although interesting similarities and differences can be enumerated between China and Argentina foreign policy decision-making processes present great complexity.

Review – The Shadow War

Artem Patalakh • Jun 4 2020 • Features
Journalist Jim Sciutto's book proves to be an informative source on the covert activities orchestrated by Moscow and Beijing and the impact on the US and its allies.

The Global South in Times of Crisis: A China–Africa Relations View

Ilaria Carrozza • May 14 2020 • Articles
Developing countries have an opportunity to provide the rest of the world with best practices of solidarity and generosity. A younger and more digitally connected population is among the positive signs of this.

Opinion – The Civilisation Narrative: China’s Grand Strategy to Rule the World

Mangesh Sawant • May 10 2020 • Articles
China, through the use of soft power, is working to undermine and replace the liberal order with rules conforming to its interests, creating a China-centric world.

Opinion – Lessons America’s Adversaries Can Learn from the Covid-19 Pandemic  

Dan G. Cox • Apr 26 2020 • Articles
If we fail to examine scenarios of pandemics worse than Covid-19, we will suffer similar results and western democracies may find it hard to recover from such events.

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