Review – Beyond the Steppe Frontier

Giulia Sciorati • Sep 25 2022 • Features

This book is a well-collated collection of biographical accounts and empirical studies that gives life to the Sino-Russian border.

Opinion – The Future of the USA-China Trade War

Hasnat Aslam • Sep 10 2022 • Articles

Future agreements between the USA and China should focus on strengthening the rule of law and the global trading system.

Interview – Shyam Saran

E-International Relations • Sep 7 2022 • Features

Shyam Saran reflects on the concept of “wolf-warrior diplomacy”, its impact on Sino-Indian relations, and broader differences between Asia and the West regarding perspectives on the world order.

UK-China Film Exchange: Cultural Relations in a Competitive Age

Giulia D'Aquila • Sep 1 2022 • Articles

In light of an ever more political path in the Chinese film industry, co-productions create a space for different narratives to circulate in China.

Should There Be a New Grouping for the “Non-Nuclear Five” of South Asia?

Rudabeh Shahid and Nazmus Sakib • Aug 28 2022 • Articles

The US needs to prioritise bilateral or multilateral engagements with the non-nuclear five states of the region by genuinely understanding their interests and concerns.

The British and the Kyakhta Accords

Matteo Miele • Aug 19 2022 • Articles

For the Russians, the Agreement did not come into conflict with the status of Outer Mongolia defined with the Chinese in 1913, because Urga was autonomous in terms of internal administration and commercial and industrial matters.

Mongolian Independence and the British: The Parallel Negotiation

Matteo Miele • Aug 19 2022 • Articles

In 1914, the British and Tibetans signed the Simla Convention recognizing Chinese suzerainty over Outer Tibet, but also the full autonomy for internal matters of the Tibetan government. The Chinese refused to sign the Convention.

Mongolian Independence and the British: The Chinese Backdown

Matteo Miele • Aug 19 2022 • Articles

The Sino-Russian Agreement of 1913 was to become the model for an Anglo-Chinese agreement on Tibet

New Book – Mongolian Independence and the British: Geopolitics and Diplomacy in High Asia, 1911–1916

Matteo Miele • Aug 9 2022 • Articles

Utilising archival documents, this book focuses on High Asian diplomatic, geopolitical and trade issues from the point of view of the British.

Mongolian Independence and the British: At the End of the Great Game

Matteo Miele • Aug 7 2022 • Articles

For Imperial Britain, the framework of High Asia between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century hinged primarily on strategic and defensive issues.

Opinion – China’s ‘New Cold War’ Posturing

Shubham • Jul 15 2022 • Articles

China looks set for a new multi-faceted, autocratic and prolonged Cold War as it expands its footprint across the Indo Pacific.

Opinion – 25 Years On: Reflecting on Hong Kong’s Handover

Martin Duffy • Jul 2 2022 • Articles

British promises are unenforced and unenforceable as Hong Kong under China is no longer in any sense a credible democracy.

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