China’s Strategic Thinking on the Diaoyu/Senkaku Island Dispute

Duan Xiaolin • Jun 26 2022 • Articles

China prioritizes the strategic interests of economic development and a friendly relationship with Japan over territorial disputes – which will continue to be shelved in this case.

Sino-Indian Border Dispute: A Brief Introduction

Mayuri Banerjee • Jun 26 2022 • Articles

A major confrontation between India and China will have significant regional repercussions. Therefore, both sides need to frame innovative solutions.

Understanding the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands Dispute: Diplomatic, Legal, and Strategic Contexts

Yoichiro Sato and Astha Chadha • Jun 23 2022 • Articles

The threat from China, not the US request for burden-sharing, is the most acceptable reason for the Japanese to support an increase in the defense budget.

The Role of ASEAN in the South China Sea Disputes

Leticia Simões • Jun 23 2022 • Articles

Different positions on disputes and the loose structure of the association prevents ASEAN from taking a more assertive stance on issues related to the South China Sea.

Opinion – Reconciling China’s Zero-Covid Policy with History

Thomas Ameyaw-Brobbey • Jun 23 2022 • Articles

Unlike in Mao’s era, domestic problems in China that affect its economic and political strength are likely to also affect the world in greater measure.

Opinion – Challenges for the Expansion of the BRICS

William Daldegan • Jun 9 2022 • Articles

New partners and the increase of interaction between emerging and developing countries seem to be a plausible alternative to safeguard interests, but challenges remain.

Interview – Mohamed Zeeshan

E-International Relations • Jun 3 2022 • Features

Mohamed Zeeshan sheds light on the changing world order, and Indian foreign policy as influenced by domestic and international factors.

Interview – Darren Byler

E-International Relations • May 15 2022 • Features

Darren Byler discusses the idea of terror capitalism, and the domestic and international roles of the Chinese political-economy.

Interview – Tuong Vu

E-International Relations • May 7 2022 • Features

Tuong Vu sheds light on the economic performance and policy choices of East Asian countries, and the extent to which they are influenced by political regimes.

Interview – Jason Brennan

E-International Relations • May 2 2022 • Features

Jason Brennan talks about the benefits and pitfalls of epistocracy, and the future of democracy.

Review – Fractured China

Chenchao Lian • Apr 12 2022 • Features

This book develops a useful theoretical framework to analyse the inconsistencies and contradictions in the making and implementation of China’s foreign policy.

Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis: The Chinese Model in Operation

Jabin T Jacob • Apr 5 2022 • Articles

For Beijing, contending with rival powers across the world for an equal or greater share of influence is seen as necessary to underline the Communist Party’s legitimacy at home and abroad.

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