Rebranding China’s Global Role: Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum

Selim Öterbülbül • Feb 20 2021 • Articles

China’s grand strategy under Xi Jinping is heading in a more assertive direction, yet still preserving a defensive-oriented foundation.

The Role of the Maldives in the Indo-Pacific Security Space in South Asia

Athaulla A. Rasheed • Feb 9 2021 • Articles

Despite the Maldives being a small island state, it can influence regional power dynamics concerning India and China.

China’s Political Economy and the UK Post-Brexit

Kerry Brown • Feb 2 2021 • Articles

Never before has the difference between British and Chinese economic and geopolitical power been so great. Britain has more independence post-Brexit, but is also more exposed.

Opinion – Omens for US-Taiwan Relations in the Biden Administration

Whether the US can contain China’s rise will determine not only the fate of Taiwan and the regional security of East Asia but also the new global order.

Continuity and Change: China’s Assertiveness in the South China Sea

Andrew Chubb • Jan 27 2021 • Articles

Skepticism is warranted regarding PRC claims that its assertiveness is a response to external provocations. What appears like a targeted move may be another step toward a stated long-term goal.

The Taiwan Factor in the Clarification of China’s U-shaped Line

He Xiaheng Derek • Jan 16 2021 • Articles

The Taiwan factor has added to the challenge to China’s claims in the South China Sea and to the bargaining process among relevant states.

A Pessimistic Rebuttal: The Eventual Return of Sino-Japanese Tensions

Lewis Eves • Dec 11 2020 • Articles

Considering the evidence, it is difficult to be optimistic that the Sino-Japanese détente will establish sustained cooperation between China and Japan.

Opinion – Are American Policies towards China a Path to Technological Bipolarity?

Mohid Iftikhar and James F. Downes • Dec 9 2020 • Articles

The US-China tech rift has created new challenges and opportunities due to ongoing geopolitical tensions.

The Internationalization of the Chinese Renminbi: Firm Steps, But a Long Road Ahead

Bruno De Conti • Nov 24 2020 • Articles

The dimensions of the Chinese economy and the geopolitical power currently attained by the country definitely enable the internationalization of its currency.

Interview – Chheang Vannarith

E-International Relations • Nov 24 2020 • Features

Chheang Vannarith talks about economic and political developments in the Mekong region, China’s role, and minilateralism in Southeast Asia.

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