China-Latin America Cooperation: An Alternative for Autonomy and Development?

Lívia Peres Milani • Apr 28 2021 • Articles

In trade, finance, and strategic cooperation, China’s growth meant new opportunities for Latin America and reduced dependence on the United States.

Opinion – Human Rights: The Underlying Battlefield of the Wolf Warriors

Eric Chan • Apr 27 2021 • Articles

To re-legitimize human rights diplomacy, ‘simultaneous interpretive pluralism’ of human rights should be acknowledged with economic and social rights and good governance.

Himalayan Geopolitics: Contemporary Analysis of Sino-Nepali Relations

Bibek Chand • Apr 19 2021 • Articles

China and Nepal have begun forging closer ties with each other, potentially adding tension to the already contentious state of Sino-Indian relations.

Opinion – China’s Wolf Warrior Propaganda Versus Western Criticism in the Xinjiang Cotton Crisis

Lin Pu • Apr 10 2021 • Articles

China reframes criticism into the defaming of China and all Chinese people so it can further legitimate its rule and repressive policies in Xinjiang.

Interview – Carisa Nietsche

E-International Relations • Apr 3 2021 • Features

Carisa Nietsche considers Chinese and US foreign policy and their influence in Europe, as well as threats to democracy in the region.

Review – US Strategy in the Asian Century: Empowering Allies and Partners

Eerishika Pankaj • Mar 31 2021 • Features

Denmark’s timely book includes a full assessment of US allies and partners and proposes logical strategic shifts necessary for the US in response to a rising China.

Interview – Jon (Yuan) Jiang

E-International Relations • Mar 25 2021 • Features

Jon (Yuan) Jiang assesses Sino-Russian relations, the impact of the pandemic on the Belt and Road Initiative, and Austrialia’s potential involvement.

Cleaning Up China’s Air: The Effectiveness of the EEP Plan in Beijing

James R. Masterson and Jingwen Wu • Mar 23 2021 • Articles

While it is less clear what the exact causal mechanisms are that have led to the reduction in pollution, it is evident that policy-makers have been effective at improving Beijing’s air quality.

Opinion – The Biden Administration Confronts Peak China

Andrew Latham • Mar 22 2021 • Articles

The challenge facing Biden will be to figure out how to deal with a China that, like Germany in 1914 and Japan in 1941, sees its predominance slipping away just as it was nearly within its grasp.

Looking Back on ASEAN and Sino-US Rivalry in the Cold War

Wen-Qing Ngoei • Mar 9 2021 • Articles

ASEAN countries have front row seats to the Sino-US rivalry, though perhaps their say in regional affairs has increased from the Cold War years.

Opinion – Beijing’s Position on the Myanmar Coup

Debby S.W. Chan • Mar 6 2021 • Articles

Beijing’s stance on Myanmar is a stark contrast with Western democracies. It once again demonstrates a clash of international norms between China and the West.

Rebranding China’s Global Role: Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum

Selim Öterbülbül • Feb 20 2021 • Articles

China’s grand strategy under Xi Jinping is heading in a more assertive direction, yet still preserving a defensive-oriented foundation.

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