The Internationalization of the Chinese Renminbi: Firm Steps, But a Long Road Ahead

Bruno De Conti • Nov 24 2020 • Articles

The dimensions of the Chinese economy and the geopolitical power currently attained by the country definitely enable the internationalization of its currency.

Interview – Chheang Vannarith

E-International Relations • Nov 24 2020 • Features

Chheang Vannarith talks about economic and political developments in the Mekong region, China’s role, and minilateralism in Southeast Asia.

Review – The Scientist and the Spy

Richard W. Coughlin • Nov 14 2020 • Features

Hvistendahl’s book charts the story of Robert Mo, the subject of an FBI investigation into industrial espionage, presenting a rich example of an everyday lived experience of the reality of international relations.

Brexit, Hong Kong and the Arab Spring: Voices of the People

Jeffrey Haynes • Oct 31 2020 • Articles

Demands for change, whether on the streets or via the ballot box, underline how people living in both democratic and non-democratic states want more from those in power.

The Dynamics of Sino-Russian Relations in Central Asia

Aleksey Asiryan and Yiming He • Oct 25 2020 • Articles

Despite a collision of interests, Moscow and Beijing are constantly renegotiating their positions in the region to avoid potential conflicts. Amidst this, Central Asian states are not mere spectators.

The Irrelevance of Soft Power

Ilan Manor and Guy J. Golan • Oct 19 2020 • Articles

The 21st century will be characterized by competition among China, India and the US. The question facing every nation is what they can offer to pave the way towards new strategic alliances.

The India-China Conflict in the Himalaya Should Break Open IR Theory

Alexander Davis • Oct 15 2020 • Articles

India and China are locked in a great power clash over the Himalaya. And yet, IR’s failure to go beyond a state-centric view of the story may likely lead to a catastrophic ending.

Assessing Securitization: China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Katja Banik and Jan Lüdert • Oct 4 2020 • Articles

As the Belt and Road Initiative unfolds, illusions underlying prevailing ideologies must be bridged by moving towards a global governance based on human values.

Contested Multilateralism as Credible Signalling: Why the AIIB Cooperates with the World Bank

Benjamin Faude and Michal Parizek • Sep 24 2020 • Articles

Rising powers’ dissatisfaction with the institutional order has led them to set up new institutions which overlap with legacy institutions.

Opinion – Emerging Elements of a New US-China Cold War

Ragul Palanisami • Sep 20 2020 • Articles

While the old Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union was sustained by ideology, the conflict between the US and China will be maintained by economic nationalism.

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