Review – China, the USA, and Global Order

Stephen McGlinchey • Jul 30 2011 • Features

Whether The US and china can overcome a tendency towards a zero sum disposition and embrace change in a progressive way in the 21st century remains to be seen.

One Man’s Casino, Another Man’s Aircraft Carrier

Harry Kazianis • Jul 25 2011 • Articles

There have been several reports that the Chinese may have been the winners to purchase the British HMS Ark Royal. If this is the case, we could see the old flagship of the Royal Navy serving in the PLA navy. Western and Russian military planners should think long and hard on whom they sell their old wares to. It just might come back to haunt them.

China’s New Authoritarianism

Mark Chou • Jul 22 2011 • Articles

China’s inability or refusal to democratize has been a constant source of political consternation for the West. Yet, China is becoming a democracy of sorts, albeit laced with an authoritarian edge.

Review – Kissinger On China

Zachary Keck • Jul 7 2011 • Features

One surefire way to know that a bilateral relationship is of the upmost importance is for Henry Kissinger to devote an entire book to the topic. With world stability likely to hinge in good part on the nature of future of Sino-American relations, and China’s continued rise being almost inevitable, much is at stake.

The Dragon’s Teeth: The Growth of China’s Military

Christopher Whyte • Jun 29 2011 • Articles

The massive expansion and technological maturation of PLA land-based aerial and ballistic forces indicates the rise of a “Fortress China” doctrine in Beijing. China sees national defense and regional security as a function of its own ability to control its local periphery.

The CCP at 90

Kerry Brown • Jun 26 2011 • Articles

The Chinese Communist Party is a unique force. None of the members who attended the first meeting would have dared imagine that less than a century later, membership would stand at 80 million, and was poised to become one of the major forces of the 21st century. The Party today is facing a new range of challenges, which are testing even its legendary capacity for adaptation and pragmatic change.

Are the Seas Becoming a No-Man’s Land?

James Holmes • Jun 18 2011 • Articles

The outlook for maritime Asia appears increasingly desolate. Should China rule the skies while the United States commands the depths, surface fleets on both sides — not to mention the merchantmen that transport the raw materials and finished goods that sustain our globalized economy — will be caught in the no-man’s land between.

The Importance of Sino-African Trade

Patrick Corcoran • Jun 16 2011 • Articles

The Chinese Communist Party has maintained political office and subsequent control in China since 1949. Chinese leaders now draw their legitimacy from the state’s amazing economic growth. China now looks to Africa for resources and offers African nations an economic model they can emulate that is vastly different than western standards.


Harvey M. Sapolsky • Jun 12 2011 • Articles

When Europe lay devastated after WWII and seemed menaced by the Soviet Union, a cross Atlantic military alliance was needed to preserve European freedom. Through a patchwork of military commands and an influx of American troops, a protective wall of security was created within which European recovery and democratization could take place. However, today, NATO is irrelevant and needs a respectful termination.

Taming the Dragon

Jacob Hershey • Jun 9 2011 • Articles

For as much lip service as has been given to China as the nation to restore bipolarity to the world order, it seems more and more that the two countries are far too economically co-dependent to truly be opposite forces outside of their own bilateral relations. With 2/3 of its estimated $3 trillion currency reserves in US dollars, China had no choice but to raise its concerns and give the US a subtle economic slap on the wrist.

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