The Prospect of ‘Chindia’ as a World Power

Jonathan D. James • Dec 6 2019 • Articles
Pax Americana is under notice and the current model of international relations seems destined to be replaced by a multi-polar model, with China and India as key players.

Interview – Ieong Meng U

E-International Relations • Dec 4 2019 • Features
Ieong Meng U considers the challenges for Macau and its foreign relations, the development of Macau and Hong Kong, as well as the changes in the Umbrella Movement.

Interview – Lucy Corkin

E-International Relations • Nov 5 2019 • Features
Lucy Corkin talks to us about Chinese investment in Africa and the relationship more broadly, the fintech revolution in Africa and the impact on traditional banking.

Latin America and China: Reflections on the 70th Anniversary of the PRC

Maurício Santoro • Oct 9 2019 • Articles
In the last 20 years, China became a major economic partner in Latin America, but its increased presence also provokes nationalistic reactions in countries like Brazil.

Interview – Nayan Chanda

E-International Relations • Sep 5 2019 • Features
Nayan Chanda discusses the US-China trade war, its repercusions, and parallels with US-Japan relations in the 1980s, as well as the current backlash against globalization.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Debt Trap or Soft Power Catalyst?

Daniele Carminati • Sep 1 2019 • Articles
A reassessment of how China wants to present itself to the world should come sooner than later, as it takes a long time to build a trustworthy reputation.

Interview – Issac Kfir

E-International Relations • Aug 20 2019 • Features
Issac Kfir discusses the terrorist attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Australia's counterterrorism policy, Asia-Pacific cooperation, and returning foreign fighters.

Review – The EU-Japan Partnership in Shadow of China

Hugo Dobson • Aug 15 2019 • Features
This edited collection considers the developments in EU-Japan relations within the current shifting and uncertain international context of the rise of China and populism.

China’s Rise in the African Franc Zone and France’s Containment Policy

Afa'anwi Ma'abo Che • Aug 7 2019 • Articles
Any curtailment to China’s ambitions in Franc Zone Africa would only dent people's prospects of benefiting from its unmatched commitment to the continent.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Asian Perspectives on a ‘Chinese School’

Pichamon Yeophantong • Jul 27 2019 • Student Features
The Chinese School's concept of relationality provides more valuable insight into the conflict with the Philippines than could be expected from mainstream IR theory.

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