The Future of Popular Geopolitics: Mega-Shark Cinematic Diplomacy

Chris Homewood • Sep 21 2018 • Articles
Amidst rising tensions, Hollywood films such as The Meg present an idealized image of harmony between the U.S. and China.

Third Cinema and Social Science

Seth Cantey • Aug 17 2018 • Articles
Film depictions of terrorism and processes of radicalization, particularly in Third Cinema, can be used to generate research questions that might otherwise go unasked. 

Weirdly/Queerly Ethical: Contemporary Greek Cinema and the Crisis of Meaning

Marios Psaras • Feb 14 2018 • Articles
In an age of a glooming and menacing global political landscape the contemporary trend in Greek cinema construes and articulates a ‘crisis of meaning’,

Which T.V. Show or Movie Does This World Most Resemble?

Patricia J. Sohn • May 19 2017 • Articles
Some elements of the story lines of known television shows and movies resonate well with the current global political climate.

Iceland: A Pop-culture Powerhouse at the Top of the World

Robert A. Saunders • May 9 2017 • Articles
Buttressed by countless media products touting Iceland’s harsh beauty, Iceland is now a meaningful quotient in everyday geopolitical understanding of millions of people.

Four Things I Don’t like about the Advance Discussion of Eye in the Sky

Martin Coward • Apr 15 2016 • Articles
Does the movie ‘Eye in the Sky’ really provide insight into targeted killing? Here are four reasons why we ought to be suspicious.

The UN through the Pop-Culture Looking Glass

Pablo Castillo Diaz • Jan 24 2016 • Articles
At 70 years of age the United Nations barely registers in the history of either the big or the small screen, and when it does the results are markedly unflattering.

Reel Presidents: Hollywood Depictions of US Presidents

Iwan Morgan • Oct 24 2013 • Articles
Hollywood’s representation of U.S. presidents has tended to idealize them as great leaders of an exceptional nation. But the developments of the Vietnam-Watergate era forced a rendezvous with reality.

Screening Global Politics: Visual Culture and International Relations

Al McKay • Oct 15 2013 • Articles
e-IR is proud to announce the launch of its new series of articles “Screening Global Politics”. The series will function as a rolling series of posts exploring the relationship between global politics and visual culture.

Contemporary Apocalyptic Cinema

James Aston and John Walliss • Jun 20 2013 • Articles
The apocalyptic blockbusters of 2013 might provide answers as to whether optimistic resolutions will continue or recent events in global politics will signal a return to pessimistic narratives.

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