Civil Resistance

Interview – Harini Amarasuriya

E-International Relations • Jun 25 2020 • Features
Harini Amarasuriya discusses social exclusion, stigma, discrimination and resistance in Sri Lanka and how the women’s movement and radical Christians influenced dissent.

Interview – Cécile Mouly

E-International Relations • Apr 7 2020 • Features
Cécile Mouly discusses the nature of civil resistance, mobilisation, nonviolence and peacebuilding in Latin America, ex-combatants in Colombia and mediation in Venezuela.

Review – Why Civil Resistance Works

David Cortright • Jan 17 2013 • Features
This book revolutionizes the study of political change. The authors' findings fundamentally challenge traditional realist assumptions about the efficacy of military force and the nature of political power.

Civil Resistance, Transformative Nonviolence and the State

Iain Atack • Nov 21 2012 • Articles
The two forms of nonviolent political action; civil resistance and transformative nonviolence, have different attitudes towards the state. Civil resistance enhances state institutions whilst transformative nonviolence aims for new forms of social and political organisation.

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