Civil war

Self-Determination as a Process: The United Nations in South Sudan

Kerstin Tomiak • Mar 10 2020 • Articles
In South Sudan, self-determination was ensured only to have it violated by external powers. These interferences did not help end the conflict; rather they made it worse.

Review – Keepers of the Future: La Coordinadora of El Salvador

Vanessa Braga Matijascic • Oct 30 2019 • Features
Avi Lewis' documentary demonstrates how a Salvadorian community are overcoming violent conflict, prioritising their relationship with nature and participatory democracy.

Interview – Yolande Bouka

E-International Relations • Oct 30 2019 • Features
Yolande Bouka discusses the importance of Black History Month, anti-black racism and how to decolonise IR, female agency in warfare and transitional justice in Rwanda.

Interview – Abbey Steele

E-International Relations • May 16 2019 • Features
Abbey Steele talks to us about the Colombian conflict, forms of displacement, the practice of 'subcontracted state-building', her fieldwork in Colombia and women in IR.

Interview – Dirk Kruijt

E-International Relations • Aug 15 2018 • Features
Dirk Kruijt discusses Cuba's relationship with the Latin American Left, including it's support for armed guerrillas, and how this policy has transformed over the decades.

Annexation and Hybrid Warfare in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 25 2018 • Articles
The conflict in Ukraine will remain difficult to solve because Russia’s goals are contradictory to Ukraine’s and the West’s norms.

Review – Civil Wars: A History in Ideas

Jan Tattenberg • May 19 2017 • Features
An exponent of longue durée history, Armitage brings together several trains of thought in this volume which begins in ancient Rome and ends in contemporary Syria.

Using Civil War to Build an Authoritarian Regime: Turkey’s Policy towards Syria

Burak Bilgehan Özpek • Jun 30 2016 • Articles
The AKP government’s policy towards Syria has produced repercussions affecting Turkey’s global relations and given rise to authoritarian tendencies in domestic realm.

Interview – Nazih Richani

E-International Relations • Jun 6 2016 • Features
Nazih Richani discusses his extensive studies of asymmetric civil wars, the complex interdependencies of the Syrian conflict, and the possibility of peace in Colombia.

Linking Instrumentalist and Primordialist Theories of Ethnic Conflict

Afa'anwi Ma'abo Che • Jun 1 2016 • Articles
Extant explanations of ethnic conflict typically fall under two fundamental theories. Neither can independently explain ethnic conflicts satisfactorily.

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