Ebola Response in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Bridge to Peace?

Fawzia Gibson-Fall • Jul 7 2019 • Articles

Current biomedical approaches can benefit from Health as a Bridge to Peace by addressing the political and social dimensions of disease outbreaks in conflict zones.

Interview – Kurt Mills

E-International Relations • Sep 25 2014 • Features

Dr Mills talks about R2P, neo-humanitarianism, the limits of norms, the practicality of the International Criminal Court, and the importance of academic networks.

South Sudan in Turmoil: The Risk of a Congo-like Regional Crisis

Kalewongel Minale • Jul 16 2014 • Articles

The stakes in the South Sudanese conflict are high. The peace process needs to be revitalized and rigorously pursued to bring a lasting settlement to the conflict.

Why History Repeats Itself in Eastern DR Congo

Timothy Raeymaekers • Dec 20 2012 • Articles

The reason DR Congo continues to be characterized by a plethora of institutions, tariffs and jurisdictions in its eastern borderlands involves the international community’s flawed attempts to coerce powerful protection rackets into an ideal-type post-war state.

Congo in Context

Adam Elliott-Cooper • Dec 14 2012 • Articles

Holding governments to account, not only for colonial legacies, but for the continued indirect imperialism currently being imposed on the people of Congo, is the only way justice and autonomy for the region and its people can be achieved.

Review – Dancing in the Glory of Monsters

Alex Stark • Sep 21 2011 • Features

Jason Stearns’ recently released book ‘Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa’ brings an analytical lens to a conflict that until now has largely been discussed in sentimental terms, if at all. Stearns delivers a fresh perspective on the conflict and an understanding of not just its symptoms, but also its roots.

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