The Digital Legacy of Covid-19

Ilan Manor • Apr 2 2021 • Articles

Beyond video conferencing, Covid-19’s digital legacy will also include big data modelling to narrow the distance between diplomats and stranded citizens thanks to effective prioritization.

The Pandemic in Brazil: Normality as Necropolitics

COVID has caused social chaos in Brazil, and a discourse of return to normality and valorization of the economy to the detriment of public health is being headed by the country’s highest authority.

Opinion – COVID-19’s War on Feminism in the U.S.

Tanishka Talagadadeevi • Dec 14 2020 • Articles

The pandemic has shone a light on the reality that institutionalized sexism is still prevalent in the United States and around the world.

Overcoming the Coronavirus Debacle in the United States

Eugenie de Silva • Dec 7 2020 • Articles

The lack of importance placed on the integration of politicians, scientists and economists has led to the inadequate and inappropriate handling of the nation’s recovery.

Reflections on Naomi Klein’s Pandemic Shock Doctrine

Daniel Møller Ølgaard • Sep 15 2020 • Articles

Combining Klein’s analysis with a focus on the necropolitical dimensions of digital capitalism shows how the digital-capitalist logic relies on the exploitation of human bodies.

Opinion – COVID-19 and the Coming Crisis in America

Alexander Brotman • Sep 7 2020 • Articles

The pandemic is global but the crisis in America is homegrown. It is a reactionary and vindictive struggle for the identity and character of the nation.

Covid Nationalism

Mark Juergensmeyer • Sep 6 2020 • Articles

Populist protest against an imagined global intrusion of pandemic restrictions is largely an American phenomenon. Like the virus, it easily spreads and may become a perfect storm globally.

COVID-19: Conspiracy Theories and Lacklustre Global Responses

Simbo Olorunfemi • Aug 7 2020 • Articles

COVID-19 is a stark example of the lack of clear and effective joined-up thinking in the face of a truly global threat.

Opinion – Revisiting Paradiplomacy in the Context of COVID-19

Mariano Alvarez and Nahuel Oddone • Aug 5 2020 • Articles

If the local dimension is called to occupy a relevant space in the international arena, it will depend on the effort and creativity of local actors.

Opinion – Protest, Interrupted? Climate Activism During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Luis Hestres • Aug 4 2020 • Articles

Covid-19’s impact on climate activism is obvious. How can climate activists execute a mass mobilization-based strategy in a social distancing context?

Reframing Globalization: COVID-19 and 21st Century Institutional Retreat

Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama • Aug 4 2020 • Articles

Under the aegis of a transformational pandemic we are either on the verge of planetary transformation or in the throes of inept leaders.

COVID-19 and Tobacco Control

Luciana Borges and Henrique Menezes • Jul 26 2020 • Articles

There is a need for a renewed fight against tobacco prevalence as smoking nearly doubles the chances of patients developing complications and dying of Covid-19.

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