Critical Security Studies

Visual Methods and International Security Studies

Dean Cooper-Cunningham • Jun 12 2020 • Articles
If texts anchor and give visuals meaning, then visuals can also be said to anchor and provide meaning to text. Seeing, combatting, and studying (in)security requires more than words.

Interview – Dean Cooper-Cunningham

E-International Relations • Apr 25 2020 • Features
Dean Cooper-Cunningham discusses the benefits of using visual methods in IR, responses to Russian political queerphobia and the visuality of resistance and (in)security.

Review – From Righteousness to Far Right

Alvina Hoffmann • Aug 29 2019 • Features
Mc Cluskey proposes an anthropological rethinking of critical security studies by focusing on the response of a small Swedish village to 100 resettled Syrian refugees.

Interview – Pınar Bilgin

E-International Relations • Jul 23 2019 • Features
Pınar Bilgin explores her research on international political sociology, postcolonial thought and critical security studies, particulalry in relation to the Global South.

Interview – Jonna Nyman

E-International Relations • May 27 2019 • Features
Jonna Nyman discusses the 'energy security paradox', energy securitisation, her fieldwork in China and current research that seeks to understand security beyond the West.

Interview – Lene Hansen

E-International Relations • Jul 12 2018 • Features
Prof. Lene Hansen discusses securitization scholarship, developments in discourse analysis, and the role of images and the 'visual turn' in International Relations.

Strategy Not Sacrilege: State Terrorism as an Element of Foreign Policy

Paul Butchard • Sep 18 2017 • Essays
Relying on case studies of Pakistan and the U.S., this essay argues that the state's use of terrorism be more fully integrated into the study of foreign policy.

Interview – Holger Stritzel

E-International Relations • Aug 2 2017 • Features
Dr Stritzel discusses what it means to be "critical", assesses developments in securitization studies, and gives some advice for young Critical Security Studies scholars.

Online Resources – Securitisation Theory

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2017 • Online resources
A collection of resources introducing, and exploring, securitisation theory in International Relations.

Code Red: Colouring the International

Security studies needs to go beyond its chromophobia (its avoidance of colour) and see how colour-use operates in the enactment and (re-)appropriation of security.

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