Cultural Diplomacy

Interview – Ciarán Devane

E-International Relations • Mar 15 2016 • Features
Ciarán Devane discusses the British Council's 'cultural diplomacy,' academic conceptions of soft power, and the role of culture can play in international development.

How to Promote a Perspicacious Intercultural Dialogue?

Dieter Senghass • Feb 22 2013 • Articles
Rather than a "Clash of Civilizations", Senghass argues there is a clash within civilizations and it should be met with a thoughtful and engaging dialogue that promotes peace and development.

Definitions, Ideas, Visions and Challenges for Cultural Diplomacy

Karl-Erik Norrman • Jan 3 2013 • Articles
Cultural diplomacy is growing in significance. It utilizes the instruments of cultural and artistic life in a way which may make hearts and souls meet across borders.

Polish Public Diplomacy

Beata Ociepka • Oct 8 2012 • Articles
Polish public diplomacy has adopted means of strategic communication and demonstrates a strong belief in the importance of perceptions, images and brands in international politics.

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