International Relations of ‘A Tribe Called Red’

Ajay Parasram • Jul 25 2017 • Articles

Turtle Island–based electric-pow-wow superstars, A Tribe Called Red, allows students and scholars of IR to experience what a decolonial IR might look and sound like.

Review – Decolonizing Dialectics

Joseph Leigh • Jul 7 2017 • Features

In this ambitious if uneven work, Ciccariello-Maher aims to establish a conception of dialectical thought adequate to the premises of anticolonial critical theory.

Interview – Meera Sabaratnam

E-International Relations • Mar 9 2017 • Features

Professor Sabaratnam explains her pessimism about IR, analyses the decolonisation of the university, and talks the current state of global politics.

Interview – Walter Mignolo/Part 2: Key Concepts

E-International Relations • Jan 21 2017 • Features

Prof. Mignolo explains the difference between decolonization and decoloniality, the similarity of modernity and coloniality, and describes humanity’s planetary dimension.

An Exploration into Queerness and Race in Contemporary Comics

Rudy Loewe • Oct 12 2016 • Articles

Having queer characters in works, even when the narrative is not specifically about being queer, is crucial.

Using Gender Lenses to Decolonize Trauma and Memory in IR

Erica Resende and Dovile Budryte • Feb 12 2016 • Articles

The intersections of two bodies of literature—feminist perspectives in (and on) IR and the study of traumatic memory in IR—offer a promising avenue for research.

Review – Race and Racism in International Relations

Roger Epp • Nov 8 2015 • Features

This book ably serves as a point of entry into the demanding yet necessary subject of race and racism which is so often neglected within International Relations research.

Review – East, West, North, South: International Relations since 1945

John Kent • Jun 11 2014 • Features

This edition enlightens the reader to new facts and interpretations, although limited in their scope, about the events post-1945 and particularly those after 1986.

Congo in Context

Adam Elliott-Cooper • Dec 14 2012 • Articles

Holding governments to account, not only for colonial legacies, but for the continued indirect imperialism currently being imposed on the people of Congo, is the only way justice and autonomy for the region and its people can be achieved.

Decolonizing International Relations

Sankaran Krishna • Oct 8 2012 • Articles

A colonized IR demeans and diminishes all of us; decolonizing the discipline is an ongoing and never-to-be-completed critical questioning of our everyday practices and logics of interpretation.

American Ascendance, British Retreat, and the Rise of Iran in the Persian Gulf

Stephen McGlinchey • Nov 15 2010 • Features

Three recent publications provide a fresh perspective of the developments which resulted in the decline of British influence in the Gulf, and the subsequent rise of the US.

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