Ethiopia and the South Sudanese Civil War

Aly Verjee • Nov 30 2017 • Articles
Should there be military interventions by South Sudan’s immediate neighbours and potentially even more distant states, it is unclear how an already multi-layered conflict would end.

China: New Steps Forward in Africa

Kerry Brown and Shan Huang • Nov 15 2016 • Articles
By understanding China's approach as pragmatic, not altruistic, those working with China can come out with economic gains.

China’s Deeper Penetration into Africa

Zhiqun Zhu • Nov 10 2016 • Articles
As China inches closer to becoming a global power, the rest of the world, especially critical voices within the US, may need to ask themselves: are we ready?

South Sudan in Turmoil: The Risk of a Congo-like Regional Crisis

Kalewongel Minale • Jul 16 2014 • Articles
The stakes in the South Sudanese conflict are high. The peace process needs to be revitalized and rigorously pursued to bring a lasting settlement to the conflict.

International Efforts to Counter Al-Shabaab

David H. Shinn • Feb 20 2012 • Articles
While foreign forces in Somalia that oppose al-Shabaab can help degrade its capacity, they cannot defeat al-Shabaab any more than al-Shabaab and its foreign jihadis can defeat the forces aligned against them.

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