European Security and Defence Policy

The European Union’s Security and Defence Policy Beyond COVID-19

Shreya Sinha • Jun 24 2020 • Articles

The EU must ensure defence is part of its post-pandemic recovery in order to achieve its goal of strategic autonomy and enhance its role a security actor.

Online Resources – The European Union

E-International Relations • Nov 12 2017 • Online resources

Here are valuable resources to get you started on studying the European Union.

Europe’s Post-Brexit Retrenchment

Alexander Mattelaer • Jan 30 2017 • Articles

If the EU struggles to maintain broad domestic support in its own member states, it seems likely to face a prolonged period of strategic retrenchment.

UK-France Relations after Brexit

Christopher Hill • Jan 22 2017 • Articles

Britain has a strong interest in staying in the European foreign policy club.

European Defence after Brexit: Flying on One Engine?

Sven Biscop • Jan 9 2017 • Articles

Despite Brexit, if a threat to European interests warrants military action, in Europe’s periphery or beyond, the UK is more likely to be part of the action than not.

Germany’s Return to European Leadership

Sten Rynning • Jan 5 2017 • Articles

In the wake of the Brexit vote, Germany is increasingly willing to assume responsibility for the grand edifices of Western cooperation through the UN, the EU and NATO.

What Future for Europe’s Security and Defense Policy?

Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni • Jan 3 2017 • Articles

Six scholars reflect on what lies ahead for European security and defense taking different countries’ strategic interests as their analytical starting point.

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