Falkland Islands

Argentina’s Perseverance and Stability in the South Atlantic

Christian Scheinpflug • Jun 12 2016 • Articles
A dominant Argentina may unhinge the Antarctic Treaty. Britain must put forward a diplomatic offensive in the region and at the UN.

Conviction Foreign Policy: Thatcher and Blair Compared

Stephen Dyson • Apr 30 2013 • Articles
Both Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair can be described as implementing conviction foreign policies. This is a product of their temperament and characterised by relentless certainty.

The Empty Chair: Digital Diplomacy, Photography and the Staging of ‘Statecraft’

Alasdair Pinkerton and Klaus Dodds • Feb 14 2013 • Articles
Digital diplomacy brings new opportunities, but equally new responsibilities that are increasingly divested to the level of the individual ‘digital diplomat’.

The Falkland Islands: Creative Claims and the 2013 Referendum

Alasdair Pinkerton • Jul 16 2012 • Articles
The Falkland Islands Government have demonstrated their willingness to creatively deploy democratic levers in responding to the escalating rhetoric in the South Atlantic.

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