Opinion – Getting Diversity ‘Right’ In Australia’s Nascent Space Industry Matters

Elise Stephenson • Jul 28 2022 • Articles

Building diverse and talented future workforces, diversity, access and inclusion are not just nice to have – they are critical to the Australian space agenda.

International Women’s Day Interviews

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2022 • Features

To celebrate International Women’s Day we asked previous contributors where they see the most exciting research/debates on gender and equality and their hopes for the future of IR.

Interview – Anne Phillips

E-International Relations • Jan 7 2022 • Features

Anne Phillips reflects on the interactions between Western feminist movements and those in the Global South, the notion of equality as applied to immigrants, and multiculturalism amidst today’s globalised world.

Opinion – Black and Southern Feminisms Matter in the Global Climate Struggle

Lydia Ayame Hiraide • Nov 12 2021 • Articles

Black and Southern feminists challenge us to consider the climate and environmental crisis as a crisis tied up in global histories of race, gender, and class as embedded in European empire.

La Patrulla Feminista: Feminist Grassroots Interventions in Southern Mexico

Franco Laguna Correa • Nov 1 2021 • Articles

The future success of feminists groups resides in finding points of encounter to establish a more cohesive and effective dialogue with society.

Opinion – #arrestlucknowgirl: A Reminder of India’s Postcolonial Desire to Control Women

Ankita Rathour • Aug 18 2021 • Articles

We should begin engaging with postcolonial Indian feminist consciousness by denouncing violence strongly without universalizing a stand-alone issue.

Opinion – A Feminist Foreign Policy for India: Where to Turn?

Khushi Singh Rathore • Aug 6 2021 • Articles

One can find various forms of feminist consciousness rooted in anti-imperial political thought and an early blueprint of what is today called feminist foreign policy.

Interview – Chamindra Weerawardhana

E-International Relations • Jul 1 2021 • Features

Chamindra Weerawardhana discusses decolonial intersectional feminist epistemology, transfeminist politics, LGBTIQ+ rights in South Asia, activism and decolonising peacebuilding.

A Decolonial Feminist Analysis of Narratives from Nicaragua and El Salvador

Fiore Bran Aragón • Jun 17 2021 • Articles

The infra-political and political resistances articulated by migrant women and caregiver grandmothers contribute to the reconfiguration of their identities.

Women for Profit – Seeking Asylum in the United States: A Neocolonial Story

Sara Riva • Jun 14 2021 • Articles

Through neoliberal processes, women who seek asylum are subject to exploitation both in their countries of origin and once they reach their destinations.

The Status of African Women in Foreign Policy

Primrose Z.J Bimha • May 6 2021 • Articles

The dominance of patriarchal sociocultural values continues to undermine prospects for women to aspire towards or thrive within foreign policy oriented spaces.

Transnational Feminist Networks and Contemporary Crises

Valentine M. Moghadam • Apr 6 2021 • Articles

Working with civil society and social movement partners and with allies in IGOs, transnational feminist activism spans local, national, regional, and global terrains, and has become a fixture of world politics.

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