Interview – Leonardo Martinez-Diaz

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2020 • Features
Leonardo Martinez-Diaz discusses sustainable finance, actionable data and how communities and governments can strengthen their resilience and prepare for climate change.

The Political Economy of Biodiversity Banking

Molly Bond • Jul 17 2015 • Articles
Monetising ecosystems, emissions, Species and global-commons in has evolved the ideology from ‘selling nature in order to save it’ to ‘saving nature in order to trade it’

Israel’s Bomb: Or, Finance as the Undoing of Foreign Policy

NAJ Taylor • Aug 14 2012 • Articles
Countries’ sovereign wealth funds often invest in companies that run counter to their foreign policy. We may never definitively know who is financing the Israeli bomb.

The IMF and American Power

Andrea Lagna • Aug 9 2012 • Articles
The IMF is 'in trouble' because it does not represent a place for collective action nor of universality. Rather, it constitutes an executive agent of American power and its global projections vis-à-vis other economies.

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